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Dubai Desert Safari For Family

Dubai is one of the richest and most modern Emirates in the UAE. In the southeast, Sharjah, and in the south, Abu Dhabi share a border with the Sultanate of Oman. Being surrounded by the Arabian Desert gives the city a unique topography.

The vast bulk of the United Arab Emirates’ southern deserts, which are packed with sand and gravel, make up Dubai’s environs. Coral and shell fragments are present in the beach’s fine, white sand.

Presently, the Dubai Desert Safari is one of the most prevalent events in the area. These safaris, which take place around Dubai in different places, provide an unmatched diversity of experiences and activities. This Dubai desert safari for families is ideal if you’re seeking for a distinctive and exhilarating experience since it offers a variety of adventure, culture, and natural beauty.

Dubai Desert Safari for Family Guide is here to help you make the best adventurous choice possible.

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Dubai Desert Safari Cost Per Person: 

Before you travel to the desert, you should estimate the cost. Family packages for the Dubai Desert Safari range in price. To accommodate everyone’s interests and budgets, the prices range from inexpensive to luxurious options. You should research your options and select a package that meets your family’s needs in order to have a seamless and happy vacation.Standard Dubai desert safari park ticket price about 50 AED.

A basic plan, on the other hand, will cost between 200 and 300 AED per person.

Dubai Desert Safari Offers: Elevating Your Family Adventure

An enjoyable Dubai Desert Safari may involve more than just dune bashing, camel rides, and cultural performances. Discover the world of alluring offers that may enhance your family’s journey to the desert with additional enjoyment, convenience, and unique perks.

Explore packages with additional benefits:

Discover the different Dubai desert tour offers that are available while you organize your family’s journey to the desert. Many tour operators provide packaged packages that are packed with activities that go above and beyond what is typically offered. Pay particular attention to deals that go beyond standard attractions like camel rides, dune buggy, and cultural presentations. These might range from fun additions like quad biking or sandboarding to gourmet pleasures like more meal options. Plus, some packages may include unique extras like a professional photographer to capture those priceless moments you and your family have in the dunes. By checking into these offers, you may not only make the most of your trip but also tailor it to your family’s preferences.

Creating a Strategic Plan for Affordable Adventures:

Making the most of your vacation to the opulent Dubai desert safari requires advance planning. Your family trip’s cost might be greatly reduced by taking advantage of the discounts or special deals that many travel agencies give during certain times of the year. By keeping an eye on the calendar and making bookings in advance, you may not only get the day and time you choose but also save money on your trip into the heart of the desert. Furthermore, some operators could provide discounted or special prices for families with children, making it an economical option for all kinds of families.

Customizable Experiences for Every Family Member:

A Dubai desert safari is fantastic since you can tailor the vacation to each family member’s interests. Whether they are culture vultures who want to learn more about regional customs or thrill-seekers eager to engage in more daring activities, everyone can certainly find the ideal package. You may create a personalized schedule that accommodates the requirements of the entire family by taking advantage of savings that allow you to mix and match activities. This provides you the opportunity to create a unique vacation that the entire family will enjoy rather than organizing a traditional trip that meets everyone’s demands.

Dubai Desert Safari Activities

The Dubai desert safari is a lifetime memory due to the vastness of the Arabian desert, the wealth of experiences discovered among the sand dunes, and the variety of thrilling activities that are offered every day.

Exciting Dune Bashing Adventure:

A thrilling activity of a lifetime desert safari in Dubai is a morning jeep safari ride in a 44 SUV through the gusty winds and sand in the middle of the vast Arabian Desert. In most cases, the jeep picks you up from the camp and takes you on an exciting ride that lasts for close to 30 minutes.

The belly Dance at the Dubai Desert Safari:

As the sun sets and the sky becomes orange and pink, immerse yourself in the area’s rich culture. A belly dancer performs traditional music in Dubai desert safari for family. Dancers narrate desert and human stories with bright and expressive motions. Your desert safari feels more genuine. A belly dance performance is a journey into Arabian culture that will leave every family member with lasting memories. This cultural event is a must-see on your desert vacation because of its enchanting environment generated by vivid costumes, exciting music, and elegant gestures.

A camel ride in Dubai Desert Safari:

Why not try a camel ride in Dubai desert safari if you’re going to see them? The owners of the camels will provide you with advice on how to board one because they are renowned to be peaceful creatures. Definitely add camel riding to your Dubai desert safari plan.

If you’re interested in learning more about these specific creatures, you may also visit camel farms.

Horse riding in Dubai desert safari:

You may also choose to horse riding in the desert, which is similar to riding a camel. These kinds of encounters are quite distinctive and excellent for unwinding. You will always be with a guide during the about 90-minute horseback riding experience.

Enjoy tasty food on a desert safari:

You may relax while taking in some delectable traditional food on the Dubai desert safari after spending the morning and evening at the desert safari, which might be exhausting due to all the adrenaline-pumping activities. There is nothing more enjoyable than sampling the traditional food of another culture and learning more about its customs.

What to Wear for a Dubai Desert Safari: 

Whenever you set foot on the desert’s golden sands, consider what to dress so that you may be comfortable and enjoy yourself.

  1. Lightweight fabrics

Keep lightweight clothing in your baggage! The temperature in Dubai may range from 14°C to 44°C, depending on the month. However, you’ll be outdoors most of the time. Even in winter (November–April), temperatures may reach 30°C. Dress in cotton or linen for Dubai.

  1. Poncho/hoodie

Bring a sweatshirt or poncho for an early morning or nighttime desert adventure that goes into the night. Dubai is scorching during the day, but the desert is much cooler at night.

  1. Long sleeves and comfy trousers

Dress for weather! Long-sleeved shirts will shield you from the sun as you’ll be outside most of the time. Lightweight ones will save you from drowning in sweat in the afternoons. Given the UAE dress code, long-sleeved shirts are your best option for women in Dubai.

Shorts may be okay, but pants are ideal for desert safaris. Sandboarding and dune bashing are common on Dubai desert trips, so you’ll get sand everywhere. Trousers are also more convenient for camel rides.

Sun Protection:

Bring sunglasses, a hat, sun screens, and a light shawl to avoid sunburns. Keep them nearby during dune-bashing! All three aren’t required, especially for a nighttime desert excursion.

Dubai Desert Safari Overnight Stay:

If you want to go further, a best option is the Dubai desert safari overnight stay. You may set up a camp for the night and awaken to the calm glamor of the dunes. For your family, an overnight stay in the luxury Dubai desert safari is a great chance to get in touch with nature and make lifetime memories. You will surely enjoy this moment.

Dubai Desert Safari food: 

Most of the Dubai desert safari food packages include a buffet dinner where you can try Arabian delicacies. After a long day, a great dinner with grilled meats, rice dishes, and veggies is the perfect way to chill out.


Dubai Desert Safari is your gateway to a world of entertainment, culture and beauty. Each activity, from thrilling dune bashing to adorable dance performances and soothing camel rides, enhances the overall experience. Before setting off on your trip to create unforgettable memories in the beautiful Dubai desert, consider prices, research available deals and prepare your luggage accordingly.


Thrilling Red Dune Desert Safari
Evening Desert Safari

Pickup Time 3:00 to 3:30 Pm
Tour Duration 6 hours
Pick & Drop Included

Thrilling Red Dune Desert Safari

Pickup Time 3:00 to 3:30 Pm
Tour Duration 6 hours
Pick & Drop Included

Evening Desert Safari with Quad Bike

Pickup Time 3:00 to 3:30 Pm
Tour Duration 6 hours
Pick & Drop Included

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