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Do you occasionally get bored in life? Do you wish to look at some entertainment options? There are several methods to have fun and relax. One of them is taking your family on outings to parks. The Global Theme Park Village is the greatest park in Dubai despite there being many others. A festival park called Global Village 2023 brings different cultures together. The Global Village Dubai is filled with many enigmas, including a part-theme park, pavilions with country exhibitions, a market, eateries, etc.

The area is a comprehensive family attraction for culture, entertainment, recreation, and shopping. Enjoy eating, shopping, entertaining guests, participating in events, and much more. It showcases international cultures in a festival, and visitors may go on a tour of the pavilions. For only AED 15, you may get a ticket to participate in all of these activities. The working season for global-style villages often begins in November and lasts until April of the following year.

Global Village Timing





Global Village Dubai

4 PM – 12 AM

4 PM – 1 AM

4 PM – 1 AM

Entry Gate Closes

11:30 PM

12:30 AM

12:30 AM

There are a lot of things to think about while planning a trip to the park. The park is open from Saturday through Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Normally, the access gates close at 11:30 p.m., however on public holidays, Thursday and Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., the entry gates close at 12:30 a.m.

Families and women exclusively are allowed on Mondays.

The Global Village’s entrance

For the convenience of tourists, the global community has two main entrances: The Gate of the World and the Cultural Gate.

RTA services, which offers the general public four bus routes to reach Global Village Dubai, is one kind of transportation that you may utilize. These are inexpensive and simple ways to participate in fun.

Bus schedules include:

  • Bus number 102 offers transportation from the Rashidiya metro station.
  • The bus route 103 departs at Union Metro Station and travels via Baniyas Street, Al Rebat Street, and Nad Al Hamar before arriving at Global Village.
  • Bus number 104 departs from Al Ghubaiba station and travels through Sheikh Rashid Street, Al Jafiliya Metro Station, 2nd Zabeel Street, and Dubai Al Ain Road before arriving at the Global Village.
  • The theme park in the village may be reached by bus route 106, which departs from the Mall of the Emirates Metro station.

Transport Services Timing

Transportation services are available with travel time from 3:15 p.m. to 11:15 p.m.

You may also use your personal vehicle because there is a parking space.

Dubai’s Global Village location

You must be aware of the specific position of the park if you want to travel to the global community in a private vehicle, etc.

Global Village can be found in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, near Exit 37, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, and Emirates Road.

Admission to the Global Village

Without a ticket, you are unable to access the park. AED 15 covers a person’s admission ticket for one day.

Without a ticket, the following individuals are permitted admission into the park:

  • Young children (under three years old)
  • tenacious individuals (each with a buddy)
  • senior citizens above 65

Tickets for a special family pack

A family bundle costs only AED 120 (with 5% VAT) and offers a value of AED 340.

  • 8 admission tickets
  • One wonder is over
  • Parking coupon with one value.

Four stunt show admissions are included in the

  • Wonder Pass (value AED 40).
  • Carnival points, worth 50 AED.
  • 2 circus tickets, each worth AED 30

How Do I Buy Tickets?

You may download the app and buy a ticket online.

The second option is to buy a ticket at the gate starting at 3:30 p.m. every day, one hour before the gate closes.

The park’s admission price includes 5% VAT.

2020–2021 season of Global Village

Global Theme Park Village’s 2020–2021 season is scheduled to begin on October 25, 2020, and finish on April 4, 2021. The 25th season of Global Village will surpass all prior seasons in size and quality and serve as a prelude to the silver jubilee season in 2020.

More than 70 nations will be represented, there will be thousands of live performances and events, and there will be many purchasing opportunities.

Motives for visiting Global Village

Why should you visit the Global Village when there are so many parks in Dubai? Here are several incredible and unique causes to visit this park:


Everybody can afford to live in Global Village Dubai. Even those from middle-class backgrounds may appreciate this park’s captivating beauty.

For just AED 15*, you may enjoy a variety of performances, rides, and activities. For some of the global village’s activities, restaurants, and shops, you need to purchase an additional ticket. The most recent season will have up to 60 games and rides and about 3,500 retail establishments.

For only AED 15, you may enjoy one of the most popular family park attractions.


global village shopping

For some families, visiting the global village is primarily for shopping. They seek the top products and stores to purchase from at pavilions. You may get the top products from many nations all at one location. You may purchase one-of-a-kind works of art, candies, ice cream from various brands, purses, shoes, food items, cosmetic goods, and many other items.

Each pavilion features the handicrafts, food, and products of a particular nation or area. Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Russia, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Bahrain, Palestine, Jordan, and other nations will be represented. In these nations, you may buy everything that appeals to you the most.

Enjoyable and Entertaining

The Global Village is the greatest option for you if you enjoy rides and activities. You can engage in various games. The majority of live performances are scheduled for the weekends. For those guests who don’t have time to visit the park during the week, various events and games are specially scheduled on the weekends.


Since there are about 130 different types of cuisine available at the park, food aficionados exclusively go to Global Village for the food. Around 20 restaurants and cafés are available, providing a superb food street experience.

At one location, you can eat everything. Lupini Beans, candy floss, spooky candy floss, live candy, ice-cream cars, peanuts, tezdaal, roasted channa, masala peanuts, chaats, desert on boats, cold coffee, cold tea, fruits, fruit pizza, fruit sushi, fruity bingsu, rice dishes, gravy dishes, mutton and chicken, fish, etc. are some of the food items you might enjoy at the park.



Another significant factor for some travelers is Carnival, which offers thrill rides, family rides, and unique activities.

Honolulu Loop, Jamaica Drum, Moscow Max, Transylvania Towers, fly France, London Loop, Shang High, Athens Slingshot, Global Burj, etc. are some examples of thrill rides.

The Wheel of the World, Vroom UAE, Arabian Horse, Cuban Dance, New York Jump, Roaming Rome, Thai Twist, and many other rides are suitable for families.

African Land, Amazon Boats, Bahrain Merhana, Beijing Bungee, California Highway, Caribbean Ship, Holland Wind Wheel, Mexican Balloons, Miami Surf, Seven Sea Pirate, Spania Boat, Swiss Swing, and Texas Track, among other rides are among the kid-friendly attractions.

The greatest shots and many other captivating games that challenge your talents are included in skill games.

Important Details

  • Affectionate displays in public are prohibited.
  • Pets are not permitted in the park.
  • In the park, Segways and rollerblades are not permitted.
  • When visiting Global Village, please dress modestly.
  • Don’t squander park resources, and try to keep it tidy.

You may visit a theme park in Dubai if you want to make life more enjoyable and entertaining while also spending quality time with your family. 

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