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Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two iconic cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), each with its own unique charm and attractions. While Dubai is known for its futuristic skyscrapers, bustling markets, and luxury shopping, Abu Dhabi offers a more traditional and cultural experience. If you find yourself in Dubai and want to explore more of what the UAE has to offer, a day trip to Tour Abu Dhabi From Dubai is a perfect choice. 

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Getting There

The distance between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is approximately 150 kilometers (93 miles), making it easily accessible for a day trip. There are several transportation options to choose from:

  1. Private Car: If you prefer flexibility and convenience, renting a car is a great option. The journey typically takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic. The Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) connects both cities, providing a well-maintained and straightforward route.
  2. Public Bus: The Intercity Bus service operated by the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) offers a cost-effective way to travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Buses are air-conditioned, comfortable, and depart regularly from various locations in Dubai, such as Al Ghubaiba Bus Station and Ibn Battuta Metro Station.
  3. Etihad Rail: The Etihad Rail project aims to connect major cities in the UAE by train, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. While this project is still under development, it’s worth keeping an eye on as it may provide another transportation option in the future.

Now that you’ve chosen your mode of transportation, let’s explore some of the top attractions and experiences that await you in Abu Dhabi.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Your journey to Abu Dhabi should begin with a visit to one of the world’s most magnificent architectural marvels, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Located at the entrance of Abu Dhabi City, this mosque is a stunning display of Islamic art and culture. It can accommodate over 40,000 worshippers and is open to visitors of all faiths.

The mosque’s design is a harmonious blend of various architectural styles, incorporating elements from Persian, Mughal, and Moorish traditions. The pure white marble exterior with intricate floral designs and the 82 gleaming white domes are a sight to behold. Inside, you’ll find the world’s largest hand-knotted carpet and one of the largest chandeliers, adorned with millions of Swarovski crystals.

Visitors are required to dress modestly, with women covering their heads, shoulders, and knees. If you don’t have appropriate attire, the mosque provides free loaner clothing.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

After experiencing the grandeur of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, head over to the Louvre Abu Dhabi, a masterpiece of modern architecture and culture. Designed by the renowned architect Jean Nouvel, this museum is a remarkable fusion of traditional and contemporary design. Its dome is a work of art, filtering sunlight to create a “rain of light” effect inside the museum.

Inside, you’ll find an extensive collection of art and artifacts from various cultures and civilizations, spanning thousands of years. The exhibits are divided into 12 thematic galleries, featuring everything from ancient Egyptian artifacts to contemporary artworks by renowned artists. The Louvre Abu Dhabi provides a unique opportunity to explore the shared human history and cultural connections across the world.

Yas Island

For some entertainment and leisure, Yas Island is the place to be. Located just a short drive from the city center, Yas Island is a hub of excitement and attractions suitable for visitors of all ages. Here are some highlights:

  1. Ferrari World: Home to the world’s fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa, Ferrari World is a theme park dedicated to the legendary Italian car manufacturer. Experience the thrill of high-speed rides, simulators, and even try your hand at go-karting.
  2. Yas Waterworld: Beat the UAE heat by making a splash at Yas Waterworld. This water park offers a variety of water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools. It’s a perfect place for families to cool off and have fun.
  3. Yas Marina Circuit: Motorsport enthusiasts can visit the Yas Marina Circuit, home to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Even if there’s no race happening, you can take a tour of the circuit and even drive a supercar on the track.

Emirates Palace

A visit to Abu Dhabi would not be complete without marveling at the opulence of the Emirates Palace. This luxury hotel is a symbol of extravagance, offering a glimpse into the royal lifestyle of the UAE. While you might not be staying here, you can still explore the hotel’s public areas.

The interior of the Emirates Palace is adorned with gold leaf and marble, creating a sumptuous ambiance. Take a stroll through the hotel’s expansive gardens, or enjoy a cup of coffee in the lavish lobby. Don’t forget to check out the hotel’s stunning private beach, where you can relax and soak in the Arabian Gulf’s crystal-clear waters.

Heritage Village

For a glimpse into Abu Dhabi’s history and traditional culture, make your way to the Heritage Village. Located near the Corniche, this open-air museum offers a unique experience of the UAE’s heritage.

Explore the reconstructed traditional village, complete with a fort, palm-frond huts, and artisans showcasing traditional crafts like pottery and weaving. The village also hosts cultural performances, giving you a chance to enjoy traditional music and dance. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about the UAE’s rich history and culture.

The Corniche

A visit to Tour Abu Dhabi From Dubai is not complete without a leisurely stroll along the Corniche, a picturesque waterfront promenade that stretches for miles along the coastline. The Corniche offers stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and the city skyline, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing walk or a picnic.

There are several parks and recreational areas along the Corniche where you can relax and enjoy the sea breeze. You’ll also find a variety of cafes and restaurants where you can savor local and international cuisine while gazing at the beautiful sea views.

Culinary Delights

Abu Dhabi offers a diverse culinary scene that caters to every taste bud. Don’t miss the chance to try some Emirati cuisine, which is a flavorful blend of Middle Eastern and Asian influences. Some popular dishes include:

  1. Al Harees: A traditional dish made of wheat and meat, slow-cooked to perfection. It’s often enjoyed during special occasions and festivals.
  2. Mandi: A fragrant and flavorful rice dish cooked with tender meat, saffron, and various aromatic spices.
  3. Luqaimat: These sweet dumplings are a popular dessert, drizzled with date syrup and sprinkled with sesame seeds. They’re irresistible.

Abu Dhabi also boasts a wide range of international restaurants, from Mediterranean to Asian, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from based on your preferences.


A day trip Tour Abu Dhabi From Dubai is a journey filled with culture, history, and modern marvels. From the awe-inspiring Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to the entertainment of Yas Island and the opulence of the Emirates Palace, there’s something for every traveler to enjoy. With its rich heritage

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